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The Chosen

The Chosen is a multi episode, multi season television show about the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of those who knew Him.  The Chosen gives us a "ground level" look at the person and ministry of Jesus.  Because of the length of time given the series, the show's creators can take time to develop the characters, allowing us to connect with them.  The show follows the gospels, but not in a predictable way; the creative story development is both surprising and powerful. 

The Chosen has made entertainment history as being the largest, most successful crowd-funded project of all time.  To tell the story properly, the series had to be produced outside the normal Hollywood channels.  The show creators are "crowd-funding" their project, raising over $10 million to date from over 19,000 investors.  The goal is to offer the show for FREE so that all may come to know and love Jesus.

The Chosen Season 1 is available to watch free:

The Angel Studios app, available for Apple and Android phones. The app includes a "Casting" function so you can cast the video from your phone to any Smart TV.

Online at the Angel Studios website

On YouTube - warning!  Creator Dallas Jenkins has 20 minutes of commentary prior to the episode.

Formed.org, Peacock and Tubi (Roku) free streaming service has Season One.

Paid sources include Amazon Prime video, DIRECT TV, and Pure Flix Christian Streaming service.

The Chosen Season 2 is only available for free on The Angel Studios app and the Angel Studios website - link above.