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The Word of God is entrusted to Lectors to be proclaimed to our faith community each weekend at Mass.

The Lector is akin to the prophets of old who communicated God’s Word to His People.   At Mass, God’s Word proclaimed by the Lector speaks to us gathered at St. Damian.  Each may be inspired by the Holy Spirit uniquely in hearing the Word.  Some are inspired to greater charity, some to offer forgiveness, some to deeper prayer and some to increased service.  All are drawn into a deeper union with our Lord Jesus Christ through His living Word.

A Lector is a man or woman trained in the proclamation of the Word of God.  Training is offered at our parish.  More than just reading a text out loud, Lectors seek to understand the scripture they proclaim and desire to live out the Word of God in their lives.  Lectors value their Catholic faith, Church and our mission.  They understand the importance of Sunday worship as the highlight of their week. They prayerfully practice their assigned scripture readings before proclaiming at Mass.

Is Jesus calling you to proclaim the Word?  If you are interested in Lectoring at St. Damian, then please call the Pastoral Center at 687-1370.