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Divorce & Beyond

We all are familiar with these statistics: more than half or more marriages end in divorce. Divorce is painful.  It affects everybody - the couple, their family, friendships, neighbors – everything.  It is the death of a relationship and those who divorce experience emotions that are similar to loss and grief … each in their own way … and in their own timing.

As Christians, we believe that death is not the end of life; that there is “new life” awaiting us.  Divorce need not be the end of a productive and fulfilling life.  There IS life beyond divorce.  

Divorce and Beyond is a support group for people who have filed for divorce, in the middle of a divorce or already divorced.  It helps participants understand what they are going through and that others have gone through similar experiences.  There is a workbook that is used as a help.  It is not a magic elixir … but it helps participants move forward to the “new life” that they deserve.  

It is a 10 session commitment beginning Wednesday, September 13.  Participants meet every other week.  The meetings begin at 6:00pm in the Pastoral Center, Damian A.    

Registration is required.  Please contact Frieda Bertello 708-342-8529 or Friedab@stdamianchurch.org.