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Baptism Prep

Baptism Prep

Baptism prep is a mandatory program for first time parents and strongly recommended if two years have lapsed between the birth of siblings.  The preparation is designed to minister to parents and godparents of infants and is viewed as spiritual guidance and formation as well as pastoral care and catechesis.  The preparation of parents for their child’s baptism is characterized by a sincere love and concern for the family, a desire to deepen their relationship to the Church and assist them in arriving at a deeper appreciation of baptism and their own vocation as Christian parents.

 “What we expect for adults and children of catechetical age through

the order of initiation we hope to see begun and developed at home as

parents provide an environment and the personal example that will

foster and nurture the child’s faith.”

(Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1250-1255)

The Baptism Ministry is comprised of facilitator couples familiar with the baptism requirements who conduct classes for parents preparing for their child’s baptism.  During each class, the goal of the ministry is to:

  •  Establish an environment of friendship which centers on the Church’s love and concern for the family.
  • Teach couples the Catholic understanding of baptism.
  • Help parents realize they are the primary teachers and role models for their child at home, and in their faith.
  • Prompt relationships between the parents, the child, and the Godparents; and then with the parish through these relationships.
  • Explain how the sacrament is celebrated here at St. Damian, and what to expect on the day of the baptism.

The Baptism Ministry offers classes monthly on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. (with the exceptions of holidays or other parish events).  You must register prior to attending the class, and you may do so by calling the Pastoral Center at (708) 687-1370.