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Religious Education for Children

Welcome to St. Damian Religious Education Ministry!

 You have made a wonderful decision to share your Catholic faith with the child God has entrusted to your care. The stories and tradition, beliefs and practices, rituals and celebrations are the treasures of our Catholic faith that provide the wisdom and guidance needed to live the Christian life in our world today and in the future generations to come.

 As the Catechetical Team of St. Damian – Pastor, Priests, Director and Catechists – we are assisting you in this endeavor. We hope to enhance what you are modeling in your own family life. Full cooperation between all of us – Child, Parent and Parish – is essential as we open the channel for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. Parents are the primary teachers and witnesses of faith to their children. But you can’t teach what you do not know --- and you certainly cannot witness something that you do not practice. And the same holds true for us as Catechists – this is a combined effort for the next generation which is the hope for the Church.

 The expectation is that everyone attends Mass on a regular basis! That means every Saturday or Sunday as a family. Celebrating liturgy as the family of God and receiving the Blessed Sacrament is the most important event for Catholics! Everything we are stems from this – it is the life of our Church! If you haven’t been participating in liturgy, please join – there is always room at God’s table. If you have been attending Mass regularly, please welcome those who are new.


Religious Education sessions are held on Monday evenings 6:45p.m. – 8:00p.m.

Our registration for 2021/2022 sessions is open. Registrations received after August 15th will incur a $25 Late fee.

Please return for updates.


2021/2022 Religious Education Family Handbook

Religious Education Office: 708-687-7778 or [email protected]



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For additional hours and how to sign up for this program click on the S.H.O.P. link on our parish website.