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Life Teen

Join us at Life Nights Saturday from 6:00 - 8:00pm throughout the School Year beginning October 26, 2019

We start out at 6:00 pm with free food in the Life Teen Room (Room 203 in theSchool).
Join us in the Narthex after 5:00 pm Mass or look for the Life Teen Sign outside the west School Door to enter. 
All Teens 7th through 12th grade are WELCOME. Non-parishioners are welcome too!
There is no registration, no cost to attend Life Nights - just show up!

 What is a Life Night?

Life Nights are an opportunity to both talk and listen as Teens ask questions and share their faith in a safe environment.  Life Teen is a dynamic Catholic ministry that is devoted to helping Teens explore, understand and live out their Catholic faith.  St. Damian is committed to bringing our high school Teens to Jesus and helping them find God’s answers to important life questions such as: 
• Why am I here?
• What is my purpose in life?
• Does God even matter?
• If God is good, why does He let bad things happen?
We mix it up with Game Nights, Movie Nights, and Service Opportunities throughout the year.  Each summer we go on a week-long Mission Trip and a week-end Steubenville Youth Conference. 

Join us for Saturday 5pm Mass, and then from 6-8:00pm in Shaw Hall during the school year for friendship, fun & meaningful discussion.


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 Questions?  Want more info?
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St. Damian Teen Mission Trip 






Steubenville On The Lake Youth Conference