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Let's Make Memories!

St. Damian is known for its hospitality and welcoming spirit.  There is no doubt that we have some of the most friendly parishioners in the archdiocese.  We are also a caring parish.  We are concerned for one another and band together to help where there is a need - the Food Pantry, St. Vincent de Paul, Bereavement Ministry, Cancer Support Group, Caregiver Support Group, Ministers of Communion for the Homebound, etc., are testimony to this.
The nation is now faced with the outbreak of COVID 19 and state and local agencies are doing everything to keep our citizens safe as are our hospitals and health care personnel.  Closer to home, the people of St. Damian are helping one another and their neighbors - going to the grocery store for our elderly parishioners, bringing home-cook meals to those who are immuno-compromised, caring calls to those who live alone.  
One day, we will look back on this time and recall memories being made.  One parishioner has set up a make-shift altar when she views the Mass on Facebook.  Another parishioner has sent out "fun" emails to offset the anxiety of this time.  Another parishioner has placed a rosary on her front door handle to remind postal carriers and delivery persons of the power of prayer.  Another couple is reading stories to their young grandchildren on Facebook live.
You are making your own memories.  We are asking you to share these memories on our St. Damian Facebook page, Instagram and website.  You can post them to Facebook, tag @stdamianchurch on Instagram or send your stories and pictures to us by email at [email protected]  We will post them to our website for the encouragement of all!  Who knows?  Maybe one of your activities will inspire someone else.
So...ready...set...GO!  Let's make memories!
These cuties are watching their grandparents read them a story each day.
These youngsters cleaned up their neighbor's yard.
One of many of our parishioners sewing protective masks