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Events on Video

Enjoy our Virtual Christmas Concert presented by Music Director Tony Berardi, violinist Courtney Devenuto, John Perovich and Anthony and Francesca Chimera.


St Damian Christmas Concert 2020 from Joe on Vimeo.


Saturday, July 11, 2020 our second graders received their First Eucharist in two separate socially distanced Masses at St. Damian.  Despite the challenges faced, these children were able to finally receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the presence of their parents.  Congratulations to all the children and their families as they grow in the grace of their Catholic faith.


Catholic tradition usually has a bishop administering the Sacrament of Confirmation; however, a pastor can be delegated to administer the Sacrament.  Fr. Joe has been given delegation to insure all our 8th graders receive the seal of the Holy Spirit this summer.  Congratulations to all our teens, may the Holy Spirit guide you as you strive to live out your Catholic faith in high school.


Fr. Frances "Jerry" Scanlan celebrated his 59th year as a priest this May.  His sister Peg Olson joined him as he celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving in the rectory chapel.  Congratulations Fr. Jerry!


Our pastor, Fr. Joe Noonan, celebrated his Silver Jubilee - 25 years as a priest on May 20.  We couldn't let this occasion pass without some kind of fanfare, so the staff organized a surprise Anniversary Parade for Fr. Joe.  Around 136 cars were counted lining 155th Street and Long Avenue waiting to drive by and show their love and support for our wonderful pastor.


Maria Connolly, parishioner and organizer of St. Damian's Mental Health Awareness Support Group has an informative discussion with Parish Staff member Connie Swidergal on caring for our Mental Health during the challenges Covid-19 brings.  Maria has complied a great list of strategies and helpful resources for everything from anxiety to substance abuse.